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This is a copy of my comment on Rhaydan's last journal. As of writing all of his art is now in storage, locked away and he has left us only with the message of "Goodbye".


Dont tell me that you have the way of Britbloke(Pmack) [here on deviantart, like you a LEGEND WORTHY OF 11leventy MILLION WINNERNETS], and AbelG [elsewhere, now found only on waybackmachine] AND STORAGED/DELETED ALL OF YOUR THINGS........because.....because.....YOU HAVE "found religions".

PLEASE. Waaaah!
Please tell me that is not the reason (and also please Rhaydan-sama DONT LIE, so you can do so).

Dont let another *****LEGEND***** go that way.  :o (Eek)
At least Britbloke(Pmack) has been slowing down for a LONG TIME, and given warning SO FAR IN ADVANCE of such in his journals, and SAID that he was doing that....even drew one, two more for old time sake as the last of THE LAST. Clap People are still celebrating his old life, and his new one. Now AbelG....he stalled out for a long, long time too-but said he was FOOKIN DYIN' ....I thought it was CANCER (turned out it was depression) well...least he didnt kill himself straight off, but he found a solutions in religions. Destroyed all his work though. :( (Sad)
Now, Rhaydan, YOU on the othahand...July, you say you hadnt posted in a while, and then......BOOMSHACKALACKA Oct 17th "SO LONG AND T'ANKS FO ALL DA FISH MATES :D (Big Grin)" No further explanation.
I hadnt looked you up in a few weeks, and then...I see a foot-thread on fucking 4chan's /d/ and see a post. Several posts in fact, and to say the least we were all shocked. I think I've fainted.
 Anonymous 10/20/13(Sun)12:59 UTC-4 No.5079815
Replies: >>5079940
>tfw Rhaydan baleets everything.
What the fuck happened?
 TentacledPenguin !!0mZT0W+ZlAg 10/20/13(Sun)14:58 UTC-4 No.5079940
Replies: >>5079965

Whaddya mean?
 Anonymous 10/20/13(Sun)15:14 UTC-4 No.5079965
Replies: >>5079973
File: 1382296454392.jpg-(161 KB, 765x421, dan_s_ordeal_panels_by_rh(...).jpg)
His DA has no art and he said goodbye in a journal post but gave no other details.
>tfw hes prob not gonna finish that juri comic
 TentacledPenguin !!0mZT0W+ZlAg 10/20/13(Sun)15:17 UTC-4 No.5079973
Replies: >>5080144

You tried searching other DA-esque sites? maybe hes on FA
 Anonymous 10/20/13(Sun)17:48 UTC-4 No.5080144
Replies: >>5081247
That better not be what I think it is.
FOOK ME LIFE M8s. Fook it. FOOK IT!!!1!!.

 I tried searching for ya there I didnt find nothin.

Wouldnt matter even if I did, on account of the fact that I'd likely find the same thing. No, I disagree!
Well......there's still TheBigMansini, Yuri Hausen, SL44N3SH, Scamwich, and so many others in our life.  BUT...we'll always miss  YOU.Nod
We only wish, we knew how it happened.
MAYBE, maybe I'll be back with a Hitler Downfall Parody Video on my youtube channel that better expresses how how I feel.

Until then, I can ONLY leave you with this -my all time favorite song by LCD Sound System, "(When) Someone Great (is Gone)" and its music video.

 "I wish that we could talk about it,
But there, that's the problem.
With someone new I couldn't start it,
Too late, for beginnings.
You're smaller than my wife imagined,
Surprised, you were human.
There shouldn't be this ring of silence,
But what, are the options?

When someone great is gone...."

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